Does the Coronavirus reveal the “secret” that America has no real public health system? (Question translated)

Interesting since every day during the press conference the participants are :

Dr. Fauci – National Health Institute

Alex Azar department of Health and human services

Jerome Adams Surgeon General

Dr Deborah Birx global health coordinator

The U.S. Health Service includes the (1) Centers for Control; (2) National Institutes of Health; (3) Food and Drug Administration; (4) Health Resources and Services Administration; (5) Alcohol, Drug and Health Administration; and (6) Agency for Drug and Registry (Figure A.1). In addition, there are several offices directly related to the Under Secretary of Health that deal with public health issues, such as the Office of Health Promotion and Prevention and the Office of Planning and Evaluation. These offices deal with management; health policy, research and statistics; planning and evaluation; intergovernmental affairs; health promotion; and other specific concerns.

The Centers for Disease Control, the nation’s main epidemiology and evaluation unit, serves the population directly and provides technical assistance to states and localities. The National Center for Health Statistics within the Centers for Disease Control is the primary authority for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of health . The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, also an evaluation unit, focuses on environment-related diseases. The National Institutes of Health, the government’s main research arm, conducts research and supports research projects across the country. The Food and Drug Administration directly tests and evaluates the safety of food, drugs and a wide variety of consumer goods and sets standards for the safe use of these products. The Health Resources and Services Administration is primarily concerned with the development of health resources and health personnel. The Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration focuses on program development and standard setting in these areas. The Health Resources and Services Administration and the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration establish and support health services through grants and contracts with national and local government agencies, private health facilities and individuals. also act as coordinators and technical assistants to contract and grant recipients. Sometimes these agencies provide services, such as the Indian Health Service of the Health Resources and Services Administration, through which the government provides health services to Native Americans and Eskimos. (Hanlon and Pickett, 1984)

The other major division of the Department of Health and Social Services responsible for public health activities is the Health Care Financing Administration, which manages the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The federal government directly funds health services for older Americans through the Medicare program and provides grants to the states through the Medicaid program to help fund health services for poor Americans. Much of the Medicaid is also used to fund long-term care for the elderly.

The other operational divisions of the Ministry of Health and Social Services focus primarily on human and social services. These offices, although not specifically designated for health, carry out many health-related activities. For example, the Office of Human Development Services houses the Administration on Aging and the Administration on Developmental Disorders, both of which are involved in long-term health problems.

The Department of Health and Human Services also operates regional offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle, which participate in program development and provide technical assistance to states and local communities. in their regions. They also oversee programs contracted by the federal government to the states and local governments.

The federal government is involved in each of the public health described in Chapter 2. Examples of each of activity are numerous and can be found in all branches of the Public Health Service and the Health Care Financing Administration, as well as in related government agencies. For example, evaluation is a major responsibility of the Centers for Disease Control and Natio