What are the health benefits of apple vinegar?


talking old household remedies for , besides tea recipes and all kinds of wraps, another is often mentioned – apple . Whether for digestion, to regulate blood pressure or as a gentle aid to losing , apple vinegar is said to have many a positive effect on our health.

Here are a few areas of application where apple cider vinegar has proven its worth:

Apple cider vinegar activates the digestion

Apple vinegar has the strongest effect on digestion. Because of its ingredients it stimulates the formation of digestive juices and therefore contributes to a natural


Drinking apple vinegar supports the intestinal flora

Drinking apple vinegar help one or the other to expel unwanted bacteria from the intestinal mucosa. Besides, the intestinal activity is stimulated and flatulence is less frequent.

Apple vinegar for diabetes

Every diabetic knows the problems associated with blood sugar levels and its effect on the disease of civilization. Apple vinegar could be a useful addition to the daily routine to influence the problems by the disease.

In January 2004 the results of a study were published in the journal

published. It was interesting to note that vinegar helped to reduce blood sugar levels after highly glycemic meals, there was no change after meals with a low glycemic index (e.g. wholemeal bread with salad).

The effect of vinegar on diabetes or resistance is therefore not a blanket reduction in blood sugar levels, clearly a gentle regulation.

Apple vinegar makes alkaline

Due to its strong effects on the metabolism and the regulation of the stomach mucous membranes, liver and kidney, it makes an effective contribution to a good acid-base balance.

In addition, apple vinegar provides us with some basic minerals (e.g. potassium and magnesium). However, the decisive factor is rather that the organic acids of the apple vinegar – similar to lemon – can be metabolized by the organism and used for energy production. This produces water and carbon dioxide, but no acidic metabolic products whatsoever. Therefore, no acids remain, but the basic minerals.