Is coffee good or bad for your health?

Is coffee good or bad for your health?

Is coffee good or bad for your health?

Coffee is considered a drug, especially in America, since more than 180 million consume one cup of coffee a .

you read the word “drug” you immediately think of the association with something “”, however this is not you think of it.

It is said to be a drug because of the stimulating effect it has

about our nervous system.

And for years there has been a debate about whether coffee is or bad for our and I will try to you the answer in a simple way:

It’s good but not good.

As with a lot of things in our lives, problems arise when there is excess, and coffee is no exception.

And it will also depend on state of health.

For example, if you have intestinal problems, coffee may not be a good drink for you and you may have to look for other alternatives.

Another point worth mentioning, beyond the quantity you consume per day, refers to the quality of the coffee.

Nowadays, very few people consume quality coffee.

Most of them think drink coffee but in reality are drinking those caloric bombs, loaded with sugars that are sold in the shops.

come on, no coffee or very little coffee:

Freshly ground coffee is a source of antioxidants that could help with weight loss.

Although it have its negative effects such as heartburn and irritable colon.

But these are adverse effects that don’t affect everyone equally.

Some people will be more sensitive to them if they abuse it.

So for me the ideal coffee be freshly ground and without any kind of sweetener or

With a little milk, which could be from a cow or some kind of

🙂 Thank you!