What are the best reasons for Quebec to stay within Canada (instead of becoming independent)?

Since Canada, two years ago, still had credibility. Now it’s crummy. But when shows up at the next election we’ll remember that Just.T. was a clown who wants to please all nationalities by getting out of absurd costumes with an innocent smile in front of all the cameras and the asshole who legalized pot in an execrable way to try to make more profit.

If we had taken the time to legalize pot trying to manage the monopoly, we could have analyzed all the opportunities and used the same distribution system as cigarettes, beer and , so that the small shopkeepers would make a profit as well as the distributors and anyway the consumer has to be 18 years old to buy beer or from and from cigarettes, what’s the difference with pot. As far as I know it’s all drugs, it’s you, because they’re trivialized and it’s socially accepted and it’s been accepted for a long time. I’m not in favour of legalizing pot the way they did it.

The SQDC could have set a much lower limit, because 30 grams. Tabarnak, there’s enough to provide, a big win for Bloque. And there’s enough to blow up a Frog. If the limit is so high it’s because it’s raining SQDC and you have to stock up.

And the and their little friends want a Max of cash and much too quickly, a gang of chickens with head this Canadian government as much as the one in Quebec. Imagine all of our money going up in smoke, not in pot smoke, I am talking about the money that is stealing from us taxpayers. Pay to build the branches, pay for the fleet of armoured trucks, gas, trucks that pollute, thousands of employees who have a very big salary and who want to unionize.

But why if a convenience store sells a maximum of two grams per customer per day as provided by a Quebec law. You will see that it’s certain that the cashier will not be able to come back to this convenience store, the cashier will give him a name and will surely give him a little moral, because the convenience store knows his customers very well, because they often come back to get other things because smoking pot makes you hungry. What’s more, the customer will have to make 15 convenience stores to comply with the law that is currently in effect. Our government is not being honest and investing in shitty concepts. It seems like they do not think or that they lack creativity, simplicity, efficiency and a long-term vision.

In Quebec, we already want to change the legal age for cannabis use. How much time our government is going to waste drafting and trying to pass its new laws. All this because they don’t think about all the alternatives first, we could have one or more teams from each and not separate the ministries.

The good solutions are found by exchanging between members of a team. Should we be afraid of the monopoly that imposes us in all spheres of the economy with our money and it doesn’t care: gambling, alcohol, betting, now one more drug and it’s like that everywhere, even in health services, school boards, municipalities…. Ect…

In the private sector they bust their heads to be efficient and productive and most of all imaginative forever and improve the customer experience to a higher level and all this while trying to reduce their expenses.

We elected an aunt as of Canada and an incompetent one to be mayor of the metropolis of Quebec.

So what is the question…. Oh yes, the famous question… Well, I think that Canada has not yet lost all credibility. But what do you want? I imagine that Quebec will stay as a province until Canada is too much of a good country to live in from coast to coast to coast, and then we will see how far they sink.

Another good reason is that Canada produces oil, and that pays off, so I think it is a good reason to stay. However, in order to extract this oil, which is mixed with tar sand, we have to separate the two materials and use techniques that are very polluting for the planet. To tell the truth, I do not think it is a good idea.

But what do you want?

A good reason that would have been valid if Canada had invented bitcoin, at least I think so. Because 95% of Bitcoin is used for purchases: for military rifles, to pay the drug cartels, to use it for human trafficking. We can also pay with Bitcoin, without leaving any trace. But today Canada would be one of the richest countries in the world because the government would have taken the precaution of making sure that this new money is working properly.

I know this because I have been able to see that it is a government that surrounds itself with good people.
I say big because in the old days, doughnuts were like Vachon cupcakes, it was huge. Me and Fatty LeGros had thick slime and we were cramped like assholes. Our regular driver is very lucky. He’s sober, with a nice phone and he drives my car because he’s a buddy who wants to succeed in life and to succeed in life you have to save money so he’s going to wait until he’s 20 years old to get his license, but I think he was more of a bitch because that’s what his rich parents instilled in him.

In any case, my father and I went for a car ride at the age of 16 to practice because I had my temporary license. I think I scared him out of his life. But my boyfriend, who was about a year older me, was a person who always had great grades. And he had done a lot of studies that taught him the right way to live in society while respecting the rules and that if he follows all the rules he will end up rich and happy. Maybe, but happiness can’t be bought.

So my boyfriend, who has followed he’s been told to do and promised him a scholarship filled with lots of money in exchange, is being asked for his freedom. Since everyone who makes about 550,000 / year, we agree that they will be able to afford a lot of things, especially if they had the same background as their parents, I think my boyfriend finished his studies in administration at the age of 28, he took a lot of additional courses to make more money. Especially since I saw on Facebook that his girlfriend or wife was a plastic surgeon. It’s not too clear since they have independent walls. I know he has two beautiful . So, I guess the kids are happy and who considers themselves very lucky to have parents who worked so hard during their studies to be able to buy them all the latest playground trash cans.

So back to the food trip. My boyfriend, the cameraman who drove me, filmed us (the basements). He put a blue filter, a kind of lens that you put at the end of the camera. Me and the fat guy were even more ridiculed by putting party hats on our heads that had been hanging around in my car for more than 7 months. By the way, he had 6 hats but our filmmaker didn’t want to put them on because he said it would harm his production. So he filmed our contest. That way we could have fun and LeGros and not worry about the details. And drive us to safety. Thank you, buddy, for being part of our buzz.

We’re very grateful especially as we just converted this VHS to digital and uploaded it a few years ago on YouTube. I’ll tell you one thing, we sounded really low key. But fortunately we were only two free teenagers, I’m very happy when I think back on all the crap I often did to the detriment of the rules but hey, I’m not dead so don’t let go of my Gerard and we can consume with knowledge of the effects. Because the counsellors of the SQDC, the Société du Cannabis du Québec, are shitty, sorry about the term but I don’t even know what I bought, in addition the SQDC gives you a brown bag with no logos on it, so a brown bag that looks like a surprise bag. The SAQ is much more avant-garde since they advertise on the bags they sell us, Quebec should have hired the same CEO to take care of the marketing of this new market, he knows his business.

For a surprise, it was quite a surprise. My wife decided to hide the bag.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the question. Sorry I didn’t go to school for a long time and I always worked hard to earn my own money even though since 1994 I registered a company to get two jobs. Because I am employed and I work on my own to make ends meet. But even though I live a middle class life, that doesn’t prevent me from having a lot of people who love me and that I also love their determination, their pride to have succeeded in going hard tests, which leads them to surpass themselves for the good of their families. I have two friends that I can’t do without. True models of life and accomplishment. My family who have and who will surely suffer my nonsense but who will never let me down, I LOVE you.

Happiness is everywhere: now, in the future, and in our memories, I imagine that that is why we say in Quebec: Je me souviens. Maybe it could have been another slogan like that. You are in the right place.

What was the question.

Ha… What are the advantages of staying in Canada instead of becoming a province or an independent country. Well, you’d have to change the rules already by educated people who want to line their own pockets at the expense of conditions.