Do you admire François Mitterrand?

My answer is definitely no.

In fact Mitterrand, who came from a family of petty bourgeois, had a right-wing mentality, but as was no more room for him on the right, he made his political career on the left…scorning De Gaulle, while being very much at ease with the constitution of the fifth republic, when his turn came. All this while persisting in putting flowers on Pétain’s tomb. Did he owe him much? We never knew… and probably never will.

He tricked his communist allies into a farce, demonstrating a high degree of duplicity. In the genre, the organization a few years in the background, by himself against himself, of the attack on the observatory with the sole aim of getting a foothold at a time when it was losing momentum was not bad either.

The only two to remember from his time are political alternation, demonstrating that in France alternation as in other democratic countries was possible, and the abolition of the death penalty. But I believe that genuine left-wing men like Mendes France or even Deferre could have done just as well.

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That’s where you can see how the FRENCH PRESS as a whole is on the left, thinks on the left and ACTS FOR THE LEFT !

But what else can we do but: endure, endure and endure!

THE WHO RUINED FRANCE by Marie-France Minodier :

(all about a scoundrel who manipulated for 14 years).

A scoundrel

extremely cunning, gifted, fake token, never splashed, right in his boots. – We can add to that… It was the beginning of the abyss …)

> > > > > > This observation will still relax these brave hexagonal who always believed that the left was more virtuous in our country and elsewhere.

> > > > > > And there is no mention of the indecency of the letters he addressed to “mother” Pingeot and which she dared to publish!!!!

> > > > A little reminder of the past and the 14 years of POWER of


whose 20th anniversary of death we just celebrated with great pomp and circumstance…

> > > > He was first of all the president of the “suicides”, from De Grossouvre to the Elysée (who was preparing a book about him), his former Minister Pierre Beregovoy and P. Pelat? Shall we forget him? He could afford everything.

> > > If the PRESS was talking, it was in danger of big trouble and its journalists were afraid (wasn’t Jean-Edern Hallier murdered by a bad fall on a bicycle without a witness (early in the morning) for having wanted to reveal the existence of Mazarine, who was maintained at the expense of the princess for more than 20 years)?

> > > It’s all in the past. It should not be forgotten either that he “asked” (and obtained) the change of the TGV’s route in the Drôme (which increased the bill by several billions…) in order to protect the house of his friend Henri MICHEL, in Marsanne, and the Château La Borie, of which one of the shareholders was Roger HANIN his brother-in-law, as well as the truffle fields belonging to Mrs Danielle MITTERRAND on the Suze-la-Rousse side.

> > > > This change made the TGV pass over the Rhône and cost the taxpayer the trifle of
related to new engineering works (this amount was only the initial estimate and does not include the additional cost of at 50%)

> > > > This is only a tiny part of what we know today, and which the left-handed press never talks about, the tip of the iceberg forgotten in the haze of permanent lies, and of which

here are some of the facts and misdeeds:

> > > – A fake escapee from the German camps, Mitterrand was a member of the Hood in 1935. Anti-Semitic and anti-republican, this movement has fascist tendencies.

> > > > > – Undersecretary of State for veterans in 42, he was decorated, on his written request in April 42, with the Francisque (the order of the Francisque is a decoration awarded as a special mark of esteem for Marshal Pétain by the Vichy government in 1943)

> > > > you should know that it was rewarding, like the Legion of Honour nowadays, and that you had to ask for it (contrary to the order of the Legion of Honour) and sponsored. This perhaps explains the systematic protection enjoyed by Bousquet, former Secretary General of the Vichy Police. He was recipient number 2202, so it does imply a certain willingness and desire…

> > > > – He was Keeper of the Seals during the Battle of Algiers, and it was he who organized the bands of barbouzes, which he later disavowed. He was also the one who presided over the operation of the guillotine at that time.

> > > > > > > – He organized a fake attack on rue de l’Observatoire in Paris to focus the press’s attention on him.

> > > > > > > > – He had the PS financed by fraudulent practices (Urba, Graco, and many other cases).

> > > > > – He learned that he had prostate cancer metastasized to the lumbar vertebrae a few weeks before the 1981 presidential elections, and said nothing when the aspiration to the function of Head of State obliged him to do so, just like the false declarations of fortune by omitting his possessions in the Troncay forest (obviously tax-exempt).

> > > > – He had French banks and industries nationalised, forcing France to devalue its currency 3 times in a row in a few months.

> > > > > – He protected a former collaborator of the Nazis, his friend René Bousquet.

> > > > >

> > > > > –

He maintained his mistress and his adulterous daughter hidden in a Parisian apartment belonging to the State, and on weekends spent in the palaces of the Republic at the latter’s expense.

– Every Christmas he went to the banks of the Nile at the expense of the State,

and took about 60 with him on his travels. Every year he went down to Old Cataract…

> > > > >

> > > > > > (a sumptuous hotel on the Nile) with “his little family”, including Françoise Sagan also taken to South America, who had to be repatriated in extreme urgency by special plane, victim of a cocaine overdose!

> > > > – He increased France’s debt by more than 250% during his term of office. (Raymond Barre left in 1981, leaving a surplus of FF 35 billion in the coffers, or €5.5 billion).
> > > > – He had the company of his friend Roger-Patrice PELAT (already widely implicated in insider trading in the Péchiney-Triangle affair), the “Vibrachoc” company, bought by a state-owned company for 5 times its real value.

> > > > – He forced his personal doctor to publish false certificates on his state of health for 14 years.

(poor doctor, also missing).

> > > – He covered up for his gendarme henchmen who made up a story about terrorists in Vincennes.

> > > > > > > – He totally abandoned one of his very close followers, François de GROSSOUVRE, who ended up committing suicide (with a bullet in the neck? ) with a 357 Magnum in his office at the Elysée Palace…

> > > > > – He claimed that he knew nothing about the destruction by explosives of a Greenpeace boat in New Zealand, it was organised by the French secret service and on his order!

> > > > > – He bugged without justification more than 150 French people, including Carole BOUQUET and Jean EDERN-HALLIER, and he dared to affirm on television that he never committed this crime.

Curiously, the gendarmerie captain who was connecting “the wires” also “committed suicide”! ! !

> > > > > – The decomposed associations held by “auntie Danielle” that survive him, heavily subsidized by the State, or the money given to friends like Guy LIGIER for his blue carts (paid by the Seita and the Lotto): it’s still “Uncle”.

> > > > > –

He had one of his sons appointed as a counsellor in Africa, a role he has never held.

> > > > – He let down his former Prime Minister Pierre Bérégovoy who was going to unpack everything,

but he “committed suicide” on a Sunday afternoon walk with his bodyguard’s service weapon!

Curious no …

> > > > – Beregovoy was indebted to Uncle’s friend, still Roger Patrice Pelat, who had a fatal heart attack just when he was about to be asked the right questions. Bizarre… bizarre. One more death…

> > > > > > > – His secretary friend François De Grossouvre who was going to unpack everything have “committed suicide” by breaking his shoulder during the manoeuvre…! His archives and belongings have all disappeared, his widow is still waiting for them.

> > > > > > > – The 35 hours is still a demagogic delirium thought up by DSK, applied by Martine BROCHEN, born DELORS, ex-wife AUBRY (whose alcohol addiction only earned her three detox cures, and has no equivalent other than her mentor’s addiction).

> > > > – Jospin who loses the elections, very predictably, enters the world of silence, so as not to die “suicidal” .

> > > > > – Today we are paying for his mistakes, whose entry of Greece into Europe to which he contributed a lot.

> > > > (It was a “socialist” government… OK?)
> > > And even better, he helped Islamize France. Shall we stop there?

> > > > >

> > > > >

> > > > > > English … you have a very short memory ! Don’t forget that it was the French who voted for this scoundrel and those who followed…All deceived by the journalists and the lies distributed by the televisions…

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