Would you like to move to the United States?

I’m sorry, but the only corner of the country I’d consider moving to is Puerto Rico. I lived on that beautiful island for a year and I have many friends there. And I’m fascinated by the Puerto Rican culture.

But I don’t think I can move anywhere else in the United States.

Of course there are many I there too. It’s a huge country, the people have always treated me very well, there are spectacular places and very interesting art.

However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Politically, the country is too far to the for my taste. I don’t like everyone’s mentality for themselves at all. It seems to me that solidarity and compassion are needed at the level, though the people are quite friendly. The high price of a university education as well as the extremely insecure and expensive health care horrifies me. And the problem of firearms is devastating.

Also, I don’t have much confidence in American democracy as it stands. It is not a truly representative democracy. The fact that the judicial system is dependent on political power seems to me to be dangerous from the point of view of the realisation of citizens’ basic rights. And the polarisation continues to increase without anyone managing to stop it.

Taking all this account, it not seem to me that this is a country where I personally can be happy. I could at least thirty countries where I would prefer to move the United States.

The only I might consider it is because of personal circumstances; for example, if my two children to move there someday, I might move there to be closer to them as well.

Other than that I don’t think it ever .

But, I have some really good friends who live there, and I definitely hope I can visit them in the future.