What is your opinion on animal testing?

However hard the truth may be, the fact is that guinea pigs are still very much needed before any study of human use, whether of products: cosmetics, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and even food additives. Even the most ardent defender of animals, if only he is wise, should that studies

do not express the same reality as a living organism (studies

and that even the study in guinea pigs is necessary to avoid tragedies in human lives (clinical studies).

Guinea pigs are not beings taken from the environment, they were developed for laboratory “uses” and in this are all the usual: mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, dogs, cats, etc. They are living beings, yes, but if they were released into the environment they would easily die because they don’t belong to it and for that reason they are not also “disposable objects” as some convey – where I find much more offensive to animal life the sport hunting and the enormous waste of food of animal origin! If you have not considered this I suggest you ().

I have already acted in a bioterium and I how often it hurts to see that living inoculated, often suffering in the face of a pathology or adverse events, but that it is something done within scientific ethics and that even sacrifice is quickly for the animal – and that I spare the readers the details that I know would touch the most sensitive hearts and perhaps revolt the most exalted. But that I can end my point by advocating the need of the guinea pigs is that there is not a human being who does not owe his survival to these animals, so the sacrifice of these animals worthwhile by taking care of their and do not waste any more animal food, as well as any other nature!