50 years ago, the vast majority of wives did not work and a salary was enough to buy a house and have a decent life. Today, two wages are not enough and many families struggle to be happy. What happened?

My father has 11 brothers, only my grandfather worked. “ you see I’m right?”

-They ate meat only at Christmas
-The shoes, repaired with cardboard, passed from brother to brother
-Same thing the clothes
The began to work at 13-14 to in the family, he went to milan at 16 to send money home

buying used clothes is a disgrace
-rides with broken shoes is a disgrace, every child should at least 2-3 pairs a year
-meat cheeses every day, snacks for those eat them. If you’re vegan, fake meat costs even more it’s more appealing than legumes
: 1 per person from 8 years old
– car: 1 per person over 18
-internet at home, internet on every smartphone
-warm-ups in winter, there is no such thing as dressing warm to stay indoors
-conditioners in summer, there is no such thing as sweating in the heat
– “you haven’t taken us out for a month to eat pizza and go to the movies
– “we’re out of coffee pods, buy them now” (1 of coffee: 6 euros. a 4-gram pod of coffee: minimum 22 cents)
– console for children. Pc for each family member (or alternatively, 1 for parents and 1 per child)

And so on. Today’s society has invented needs that those before did not have, it is not for me to determine whether it is a pro or a con, but to think of living at this level while maintaining the amount of employment of other times is simply unreasonable.