Did you ever say something so awful that you immediately regretted it? What did you do and how did the relationship go?

“So… Are you gonna do this weekend or ?

Oh my God, how sorry I am about this.

I liked someone. I thought so. I was in his class for three years, and at the end of the my brain just thought, “Oh look at him! “Isn’t he cute? Shouldn’t have thought.

I was known as the “quiet” person in class. You know, that person who sits quietly in the back and never asks? Bingo! That was me.

Anyway, I liked him enough to DM Insta. Only I didn’t dare. It was too weird. I, the silent person, sent a DM to literally a guy who was seen as “popular”. So I had a plan. A friend of mine would do the talking.

And then she would say to him through her own Insta, “She likes you. Cause I wanted a reaction or something.

So , that friend of mine (let’s call her Anita) took my phone and DM’de him (let’s call the person I liked Joost).

It made me so scared. We were in Anita’s room and she broke down. Right away we applauded our other good friend what we were doing. She was the only one with sense of the three of us and immediately said ‘What a bunch of suckers you are, you’ going to regret this so much’.

She was right. After a few hours Joost reacted. I still have screenshots, even if I don’t dare to put them here or something. Bringing back bad memories.

The conversation went like this:

Anita (via my account): hi

Anita: How’s it going

*We are waiting for an answer*

Joost: Hello

Joost: Good heur

Joost: With you?

Anita: Great

Anita: Anything else done today?


Joost: School
Joost: Doing English thing again because of plagiaat🙃

I (acquired from Anita): oof

I: copied the thing from the internet or 😂.

Joost: Uhm misschien🙃

I: I had no other choice to visit verwacht😂.

Joost: Yes kga nie such a book of 200 pages reading kben nie crazy

I: same

I: I’d only read half of it or–

Joost: Have one of those 80-page books that can still be

I: oh will be all right

I: I think you have at least a 6 haalt😂

Joost: Can’t do hoger😔

And then more nonsensical conversation that doesn’t need to be shared. Finally I went home and went on with DMs. The last thing I said was, “Are you gonna do something this weekend or what?

My heart collapsed with fear he stopped responding.

Went through my head.

That was enough reason to stop talking to him. Anyway, my stupid head thought, “Oh, but what if he does like me? And I kept apping him every day. At least, I tried.

It with me asking about his Snap Chat. He gave it to me. I, stupid as hell, taped him for it. He never reacted. And then I found out he’d removed me. Ouch.

And to make things 10 times worse, Anita had told him that day after that I liked him.


Sigh, it’s still painful that he reacted like this.
“Tell her to try to fix Mario and Kian (not their real names)

That wasn’t a tip, it was more of an insult. Those Mario and Kian were really the lowest of the low. A little people who didn’t really belong either.

That was it. That’s how it ended. When summer vacation started, he removed me from Insta, too. I removed him, too. I learned from it. We both went to the same school that year, and I still him walking down the aisles.

I’m glad we’re pretending we don’t know each other.

Oh, and another thing that happened a few days ago:

“Wtf he removed me from Snap. Really broke random. Those were the words of one of my new friends. Also about Joost. I looked at my other very good friend (whom I also applauded about that event) and we both started laughing. I started laughing more out of fear and a nauseating feeling.

Yeah, not everything has a happy ending like it happens in movies. There’s no magic formula to your love life take . We live in reality, and sometimes it hits you in the face.