Ultimately, why does forgiveness benefit the one who forgives?

One day, a friend was telling me his misadventures in love. I had broken his heart just that day, and the poor man was given to the darkest thoughts. «

“he said.

response, technically as expected from a programmer, was something like ”


“, he replied.


All emotions are . They give us information about ourselves and what we find acceptable or necessary to . Love and hate in that sense are no different. The issue here

. I don’t find it convenient at all; not at in the normal situations I have encountered. So once I received the information,


Interesting and very relevant too, is the issue of spiritual health. Understand here mentally, if the reader fears the word spirit. A person who hates is a person who revives what has him pain. It is someone who clings to what hurts him, just as we cling to those we love.

We must also that this

doesn’t necessarily mean that whoever attacks gets scot-free. If are unresolved issues with the law, then let them be paid. But let do it, not us by sacrificing our mental equilibrium.

So yes, is a matter that the one who ; it causes an emotional release that can help the life.