I see my society becoming ultra-Catholic again, the hosts and the Prime Minister talk about guardian angels; isn’t it surreal and absurd, how can this be prevented?

“You can’t solve a problem based on the thought that created it. »


This proves that we’re in the


since the beginning of this crisis that has emerged in China


Misinformation is growing, with the media and politicians, even health care providers, overplaying the crisis. By pack effect and blindness, but also by mirror neurons,

everyone is “possessed”, to use the religious vocabulary, or becomes the possessed of one side against another, the caricature of his own group, just of the daily bombardment of his brain by media images.

Each one believes he knows and perceives reality where he is.

No one controls anything at this point, except to deprive everyone else of their physical and public liberties. And again! For what will when it comes out of containment? The virus will start circulating again, more than without locking the population within 4 walls.

This is the theory or philosophy of the

mad cow

1 dead beast, we decimate the whole herd because we still apply solutions from the Middle Ages. This reveals the state, the real level of our so-called knowledge and science that we are gargling about all the time.

As long as we have not exceeded 10,000 deaths from seasonal flu, should we panic to the point of confining all those who are not carriers of the virus and take the risk of a systemic economic shock that may result in more misery and death than the Coronavirus?

are many other epidemics in this that have been deliberately kept quiet, including the one in which a farmer has committed suicide every other day for decades?

We live in a world of distractions designed to render us helpless on the day when everything is turned upside down, so that we hand over our liberties to false prophets and false “saviours”. It is always those who created the problem who propose the solution or their puppets: see Noémie Klein’s reflections on the Strategy of Shock. The problem exists, but only to get you out of your


In this Coronavirus thing,

it will be necessary to distinguish between negligence and intent.

What do you give your

in ? To the ritual slaughter of animals? Deforestation? Policies that serve the sexual exploitation of human beings? To the warlike violence and destruction of other peoples? What are the filters that make your usual perceptions?

Beware of governments that promise you health and education: are you still naive enough to expect anything from a government, whatever its political leanings? Your health, your fortune, your life depend only on you, not on doctors or the Minister of Health. Real power is

inside you

stop entrusting him to any outward appearance. There are many examples of people who “made ”, who twisted the elbow to a destiny that seemed decided in advance. Action and willpower have a role to play, but so do chance and luck.

The state of the French hospital shows that we do not have the best health in the world, just as the results at the international level show that we no longer have, and have not had for a long time, the best education in the world.

These two institutions have been laminated by neo-liberal policies and drastic cost-cutting rhetoric, even militant ideologies, led by (unelected) technocrats far from the realities on the ground. They only think through an excellent picture. The money spent is colossal for a system about which there is only talk of making savings. Proof that it is not invested where it should be: go back up the money circuit, and you will see who .

Personally, I don’t think that the National Education system has ever shown a high level of competence. It is used for other than


…our elected officials themselves are small staff… not great minds.

Academic scientists, on the other hand, lock us in their


in the words of Etienne Klein…

We could also talk about the level of competence of the staff concerning the whole chain of command. There are positions that are just for the purpose of getting friends and making a career. The Ministry of Health is championing the creation of the Agencies.

Beware of people who are allowed to speak up. It is only a point of view for those who have only the media, and the small screen, to feed their thoughts without precaution.

When all goes wrong, do not run towards the precipice with the herd blinded by the one-eyed lights that guide it.

Look for solutions and information


Start thinking personally again, use your own creativity, stop relying on any authorities, even well-meaning ones. Be disruptive, be proud to be an amateur, not an expert.

Your nervous system is undergoing a
crash test

imposed by the media and the authorities

without your consent

that weakens your own immune system even more: stay away from the official transmitters of information. Take advantage of this time to return to your passions, your loves, your own pace of life. What is essential for you now is what must count before anything else coming from the Pharaoh and his priests.

The screens have the same influence on the brain as cocaine.

Beware of your brain asking for its daily dose to stay alert… Clear your mind. Become spontaneous again, not programmed.

Begin by meditating on the thought: “we can




. »

Observe how the sky is more blue and the atmosphere is clearer as soon as we suspend the flight of the planes and the circulation of everyone’s vehicles. When the media pollution stops, if it ever , your brain will be the best

liquid crystal

at your disposal, the one that is able to pick up light information well the daily cloud cover

. You don’t need a priest, an imam or a rabbi to find the way that is right for you, it sizzles in your heart a “Here in London, the French speak to the French. »

The Future

already exists and it can always , just like the past: you have memories in the future!

To move in space is to move in time…

In a prayer, we do not speak: we listen, we tend the ear to the invisible, we open ourselves to the impossible, to the inconceivable, every transformation always comes from within. The outside only reflects it like the mirror of Narcissus drowning in his image.
The hologram-universe (light) or rather matter-universe? Vibration

or particle


“See all things in , and in all things. »

=> That’s why we become like what we fight, what we struggle against. There is no difference between you and the universe: it is the same spirit and not two distinct material, objective, physical realities.

“The universe you live in is not projected upon you, but by you, through you.

. That knowledge alone ends fear. »

“Even false science can make discoveries. »

“No new society without a new science. »