How can the United States and Canada merge into one great nation? Are they already deeply mixed in their language, culture and economy?

They won’t be able to. Not in a million years.

Mr. F., being from North Carolina, you may not be aware that Canada is a long set of compromises that anglophones and francophones can share a political life. The citizens of the United States would never make these compromises, as official bilingualism in English and French, so this is not a start.

Second, you may not be aware that the difference in our cultures, expressed in part by very different laws, is felt very deeply by Canadians. There is no way that we can accept being absorbed by a larger population with (in our view) regressive gun laws, mass incarceration, private prisons, a health insurance system that leaves millions of people without health care, the death penalty, restrictive abortion laws, and the rest.

Beyond the laws, Canadians see the United States as a country with serious social problems that we do not share, though we have enough problems of our own. To name just one, mass killings by white supremacists are not a recurring feature of Canadian life.

Finally, there is political culture, history and identity. Many of those Anglophones you imagine as potential Americans are descendants of residents of the Thirteen Colonies who left their lands and homes rather become Americans. They rejected your reality and substituted their own. That is our founding myth.

There were two wars in which the militias of what is now Canada fought the armies to annexation. Much of Canada’s history is one strategy to ensure that Canada remains visibly separate from the United States. Because we are not and do not want to be .

if you would be willing to become Canadian? To have a parliament, a monarch and a government in Ottawa, as well as the Canadian Constitution and the Supreme Court of Canada? up your anthem?

No, I ’t think you would. Why do you expect Canadians to do that?