Why don’t the Venezuelans kick Maduro out?

Juan Diego, I think as a historian, you are forgetting history. I don’t think Maduro is a genius, that’s my modest opinion, rather, Maduro is repeating to the letter and with Creole adaptations the old tactic of the already known “revolutionary leaders” who have proposed since the beginning of the 20th century the solutions to the problem of inequality between members of a society, implementing a two-class structure, the political elite, receiving all the benefits that the wealth of a nation can provide, and a poor elite, whose only is to be equal to classmates: “POOR”. This technique is effective in eliminating social classes, because it reduces everything to just two: those who have the power and those who suffer from it!

The common denominator of these leaders is found in reviewing history; Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sung, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Cristina Fernandez de K, all Marxist revolutionaries, have as a common denominator the same strategy; to establish the best possible form of social control, even if this means sweeping away human rights. To erase from the collective unconscious the idea of individuality and creativity, everyone must act the same, not think, thinking becomes subversive activity, everyone must be grateful to the commander, the leader the little father, the father, the great leader or any other appellation that the tyrant abrogates. The fact is that there is no room to be different, like any mafia organization, the thing becomes simple: you are with me or you are against me. And alas and alas, if you are against me, I exterminate you, I disappear you, I erase you.

That’s ’s fucked about the Venezuelan situation. The question now is to investigate the facts, to get to the root cause of this chaos so tenacious! And finding this root cause, to draw from it the lessons that we ordinary citizens must learn.

Ergo, why doesn’t Maduro fall?

Because he has implanted the most devastating and inhumane method of social control using hunger and disease as means of domination. Just as Stalin did by killing 5 or 6 million Ukrainian peasants by starvation or the estimated 70 million Mao killed in China. Cuba is a very original case. There Castro created a unique system, no less perverse. The system was based on the classic formula: EXPROPRIATION OF THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION, the first step, and with this he eliminated the freedom to survive by growing own food, establishing food control and rationing of the same, thus guaranteeing “loyalty” to the regime. However, here comes the creative contribution, encouraging the development of an excellent health system. And what does this lead to? Well, to a strategy worthy of the most perverted sadist; he does not want to kill victim of hunger, he wants to torture her and when she is dying, he saves her, so that he can torture her again! Thus the tyrant always gloats, in an eternal cycle of extreme evil, starves victims, and in extreme benevolence, saves them. But in the end the result is only for morbid delight, he enjoys seeing people balancing death by starvation with salvation by medical science. Now, and I hope I wrong, comes the third step: THE GREAT PURGE! How many suspicious military, not totally alienated politicians and common people sacked by their hungry neighbors for a CLAP box, must now die or worse, be jailed in the classic Cuban style?

Juan Diego, Maduro does not fall because the Armed Forces, the Politburo officials and the armed paramilitary groups are part of that great mafia that Chavez set up in Venezuela, the mafia that stole from the state and squandered its resources by buying loyalties in countries poorer and more fucked up than they are and handing over the management of national security to the Cuban DI. Thus demonstrating that they defend Venezuela from interference……with which they do not agree.

Because of the above, Juan Diego, I am sure that Maduro is not a political genius, if at all he is a tyrant, who with a lot of money implemented a great and powerful mafia. If Maduro were a political genius, he would have taken advantage of the historic opportunity that Chávez envisioned, but which, like every individual without the attributes of a statesman or even a leader, he wasted because at that level of people, glory has the effects of cheap liquor: It produces ignoble intoxication!