How was the Quora virtual meeting on April 11, 2020?

Entertaining, interesting, informative, funny, philosophical… I’m at a loss for words !

That awesome ! I absolutely loved it !

This session was very interesting and rich in diverse and varied subjects in a great atmosphere.

Thanks again to our dear organizers ( deserve the qualifier of GO ^^)


that the three of (na!) lucky enough to have a rich and exciting evening.

shedding her light on the intangible nature of matter and particles as part of a discussion on the deep nature of and religions? ahahah It’s only on Quora that we can have such discussions !

communicated to us her sparkling mood with her crazy humor is her well felt comments on semantics and meaning of words (ok Serely, I don’t BELIEVE in science, I believe the scientists who make it ^^)

who gave us a live demonstration of aesthetic philosophy, is such a thing as beauty?????????

who spoke to us about spirituality and its roots, which naturally led us to religion and then love???? LoL

The unstoppable

(for a scriptwriter it’s not a good idea ^^) who made us laugh our heads off with his anecdotes and his problems with meetings zoomed for his job (ask him to tell you the story of the calves in his XD garden) and telling us about this merry mess that is the Belgian government ( 9 ministers of health ? ? that’s it ? that’s it ?).

who watched us from the bottom of his dark cave like Smaug lying on his gold heap, and who spent the evening doing stupid things with


by interposed camera, to useful links to Pierre for his professional activity, to the references of the profile of an apostate witness of Jéhova on the Quora opposite for Hadrian…

Guys, if you need

^^, ask Joêlle ^^

I had an EXCELLENT evening !! I’ll do it again as soon as possible !!!

Ah ah I’m silly, I have another meeting tonight at 8 o’clock, hi hi hi hi

Can’t wait for the real meet up, though I don’t know if we’ll make it to 2:30 from the IRL mast….