Is it possible for scientists to add 20 years to life expectancy?

Is it possible for scientists to add 20 years to life expectancy?

Is it possible for scientists to add 20 years to life expectancy?

Scientists began telling us 20-30 years ago how to 20 or more years to our life expectancy.

We chose to ignore it.

We sat back and waited for medical science to come with miracle solutions to extend our life expectancy when we had the solution.

I quickly get on the side with all this mentality that seems to want to rely on science to find solutions to the problems we create because of our bad lifestyles.

We want science to develop a magic pill or a or whatever it is that allows us to live a longer life of comfort, convenience and conformity

Ignoring the fact that it is that lifestyle that keeps our life expectancy relatively short.

We are already equipped with the solution:

it’s called the birthright of good health.

Consider this: we are born healthy, with the rare exception of those unfortunates who start life with “design errors” or birth defects.

So almost everyone has a birthright to good health

with a magnificent array of trillions of cells that are designed into an incredibly complex 24×7 immune system committed to protecting us from all the nefarious creatures and habits that threaten that good health.

Given that,

we have a magnificent talent for ruining that birthright.

We eat badly

The fact is that more than 60% of premature deaths in our Western culture occur in the United States.

Our standard American diet (SAD) is slowly, insidiously killing us!

We’re becoming sedentary

and we seek comfort and convenience, we fall in with our lazy children, remote controls, electric knives and snowplows.

Only 22.9% of U.S. adults ages 18-64 met the 2008 guidelines for aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise.

We stopped challenging our brains

Ninety-five percent of the books read in the United States are read by 5% of the population. Netflix’s best-selling releases out-sell the best-selling books year year by large margins.

We shrink our social interaction.

Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg and the financial services industry. We reduce our interaction with with social networking and retirement. Social isolation has become a dominant killer in our culture,

We retire and stop working.

Eighty-five years ago, we began to accept this silly idea that stopping work is a good thing. We created a

and we labeled it so that it wouldn’t work, ignoring the fact that

We believe that someone will come to save us.

We naively resort to a broken and reactive “drug it or it” health care system when things get out of hand. Instead of looking at our own lifestyle and experiencing the simple changes that will result in good health,

we put our hope in the medical and pharmaceutical industry to save us from our rebellious ways with a miracle cure for our naivety.

Both industries love our stupidity and thrive on our lack of health literacy. Don’t think for a minute that the big pharma wants you to know how to live healthy. And your won’t give you preventive advice because you won’t come back if you follow him, and that undermines the revenue stream that the entire health industry is based on, along with your ’s lifestyle.

Dr. David Katz is a physician at the Yale School of Medicine and founder of an organization called the Academy of Lifestyle Medicine. nailed it with this quote:

Wise counsel in a that shows little interest in the truth good health.