If your body demands sugar, what should you eat instead?

If your body demands sugar, what should you eat instead?

If your body demands sugar, what should you eat instead?

Stevia, for example. This natural sweetener has no calories and does not interfere with metabolic processes, as is the case with acesulfame-K and aspartame (which are potentially carcinogenic).

many people do not know is that sugar has a similar effect on the brain as cocaine. It has a strong effect on our dopamine balance and makes us feel better in the short term. Sugar addiction is one of the common addictions in modern society.

One of the problems is the intestinal bacteria. The intestinal-brain connection is strongly influenced by them. If one eats a permanently unhealthy diet, putrefactive bacteria nestle in the intestine. They love sugar and other unhealthy substances. If they these substances, the intestine sends signals to the brain that it wants more sugar. As a result, the well-known cravings for sweets occur. In addition, leptin (hunger pangs) are released more frequently because our body wants to get the sugar the cells as quickly as possible through the hormone insulin. Because the blood sugar level drops sharply, the body clearly demands new nutrients. And if you have already acquired the habit of reaching for sugar, this usually happens in such cases. However, the consequences can be fatal:




decreased self-esteem.

Let us now turn to the solutions to say goodbye to unhealthy sugar once and for all:

Performing a bowel cleanse. The components zeolite/flea seed/abundant water and probiotics to restore the intestines. Food remains, toxins and putrefactive bacteria are transported outside and the probiotics allow “friendly” bacteria to settle in. These send stimuli to the brain to resort to healthy food.

Exercise and sports. Through sport we our cells superpower and the desire for sugar is greatly reduced. The next time you feel like it, for a walk for 10 minutes and you will notice that your sugar level has dropped considerably.

Make use of healthy fruits. You just can’t resist and now you have to eat something sweet? Well – the banana or the can help you a lot. Fruit contains fructose and also has many healthy nutrients.

Raise your consciousness through meditation. Conscious people know to successfully resist their desires. Once you have acquired a healthy consciousness, you will think 10 times whether you want to do something like sugar to your body. Meditation helps us to perceive the body more and to respond and react to its stimuli correctly.

Stevia. As mentioned above, completely calorie-free and natural.

The right environment. If the people around you eat a healthy diet, it’s only a matter of time before you do the same. Shawn Stevenson, an health expert, often eats with overweight people every . This makes them aware of what they are actually doing and they try to eat quality food. So go to eat regularly with a friend or partner who has a healthy diet. This can truly work wonders!