What habits should I change in my diet, to lose weight WITHOUT dieting?

To lose weight (i.e., to excess body fat) without “” (i.e., without a closed, quantified meal plan), simply exchange unhealthy habits for unhealthy ones. And persevere in it, ideally for the rest of your life.

With regard to nutrition, reduce as much as possible the

refined foods (sugars and flours)

The following products are also included in the diet: the fat content of sweets, drinks (sweetened soft drinks, beer, milkshakes, etc.), saturated fats (from milk, meat, certain vegetables such as coconut or palm oil, etc.), as well as the

convenience foods

(deep-frozen pizzas, industrial sweets, chopped, industrial pastries, etc.). These two groups of foods are highly caloric and scarcely nutritious (they barely provide our organism with minerals, vitamins and other useful trace elements). And, as I , a lot of calories.

Conversely, it increases the daily proportion of

fresh fruit

The best of the season, varied, as well as


(raw as long as possible, e.g. in salads), while still taking small daily amounts of

meat, fish, eggs

(even one a day is safe, the egg white and the egg yolk at the same time),

dry fruits

(also better raw or at toasted), without salt or added sugar,


(chickpeas, lentils, etc.)

and cereals

as long as it’s possible to make a whole.

In short, it follows the principles of the
Mediterranean Diet

of which I leave you here a link to it (

), and that, despite its , it is not a diet a lifestyle. Read and implement its recommendations, as the international scientific community considers it not the healthiest diet for the general population, but also the most recommended for those who wish to lose weight. In the amounts for this to happen, information that a good digital scale will offer us in an objective way: if we gain weight or don’t lose we need, we have to reduce the amount, with no possible excuses.

And along with this healthy diet, quality and quantity adjusted as they say, to obtain a weight and a body proportion of fat and muscle healthy, you must add without any doubt the

physical exercise

. Of the type

(climbing stairs, walking to work or shopping, cleaning our house and car, mowing our lawn, walking our dog, etc., the the better. In other words, to lead an active life, better “very” active. And to this, according to your possibilities, physical form and tastes, you should add a session all or almost every day of exercise (physical activity

), with the aim of obtaining a plus in physical condition, in risk of illness and in quality of life: running, playing tennis or football, dancing, swimming, training on a bike or in a gym, etc.

This is the message that we have been transmitting, with much success and satisfaction of the participants, for more than 12 years, in our centre, through our

We have a new, independent, and selfless service for those who wish to stop smoking, lose weight, or consolidate an active lifestyle, at the Healthy Lifestyles Unit-School that several nurses and doctors offer. We maintain a Facebook page (

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I hope I have been helpful.