How many sexual partners do you have to have per year to be considered promiscuous?

This will depend on judges and the time and society in which the individual is inserted.

I particularly find it very curious and totally unnecessary to want to stipulate a number of partners to determine someone’s promiscuity.

Perhaps people have such an aversion to those who relate to various partners that they are likely to be contaminated with STDs. However, the shows that rates of sexually transmitted diseases have grown significantly heterosexual individuals and those in a stable relationship. Women are the affected they place blind trust in their partners, thus giving up prevention itself.

Because even the Ministry of Health, which judges as promiscuous the individual who has had more three sexual partners in the last year, shows that the concern is not exactly the number of people with whom you have had sex, but the indispensable prevention.

professionals in the area still think that those who are promiscuous get this kind of infection, and that’s not true,” says gynecologist Mauro Romero, president of the Brazilian Society of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. “Any sexually active person, regardless of age, social class or sexual option (sic), can contract an STD. It is enough to practice unsafe sex,” stresses the , who is also a professor at the Universidade Federal Fluminense


So the crucial point is to enjoy freedom with responsibility. Remember that you are finite, remember that is brief and therefore be faithful to wishes, but do not be blinded by them.

And you who have taken on the vile task of stipulating the necessary number of sexual partners for someone to be promiscuous, I advise you to return to your own sexuality. Resolve your inner issues, make peace with your pleasure, and finally be so free not to judge the freedom of others.

I hope I’ve helped.