Who should we listen to? The doctors or the president?

I wondering for a while if I should really answer this , because the answer is obvious.

Let’s talk the resume of a hypothetical infectologist might be giving guidance compared to the president’s resume:

Infectologist: 6 years of medical school, with studies in pathology, microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, medical clinic, infectology, among several other areas. Then he graduates and enters a medical residency in Infectology (3 years with a weekly workload of 60 hours), passing in stages of STDs, HIV-AIDS, Virology, Tuberculosis, Viral Hepatitis, infections in immunosuppressed, Microbiology, Mycology / Fungal Infections, etc..

Another professional who may have given guidance is a sanitary (it is important to remember that other professionals may be sanitarians as well):

Preventive Medicine: which in addition to the 6 years of medical school (which I mentioned above), includes activities in the areas of Epidemiology, Action Planning, Education and human resource development, occupational and environmental , collective research, epidemiological and environmental surveillance.

The scholarship president, on the other hand, is not totally descolarized. He was trained at the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras. I don’t what the curriculum was at the time he graduated, today it includes disciplines that are important to train a military man who, one , may become the commander of the Army: Sociology, Philosophy, Cybernetics, Chemistry (explosives, propellants, ammunition, fuels, etc.), Higher Education Methodology, Initiation to Scientific Research, Portuguese, Economy (includes Financial Education), Law (Criminal, Military, Administrative), Geopolitics, Statistics, Spanish, English and International Relations. Obviously this is today’s curriculum, which must be different from what the president learned in the 1970s. And obviously it is geared towards the training of the military. Then he attended the Army School of Physical Education

It seems to me that it would be a general training according to the needs of a military man. It can be seen that is no training in of health, and that he has not relied on advisors, despite a health ministry with many competent people. Although AMAN’s curriculum seems to me to be excellent, it seems to me that the president’s scientific training was probably for his own suffering and limited dedication. No wonder he relies on unproven beliefs and facts. And it is generating crises by contradictory information that he disseminates.

to the doctors and health professionals, it’s safer.