Why are ramen noodles so popular when they’re not healthy?

Why are ramen noodles so popular when they’re not healthy?

Why are ramen noodles so popular when they're not healthy?

Right I read : ramen are delicious!

don’t have to be unhealthy. Of course ’s fried instant windows, seasoning bags with msg and (old) , but ’s also air-dried windows, ’s soba buckwheat and also whole wheat windows and green peas or lentils windows, and with green tea or red beets or black rice in the noodles (just fresh pasta), You can choose to your own (e.g. kombu, dashi, bonito, tofu) stock and toppings of fresh meat and many , you can get ‘freshly made’ noodles from the fridge, you can choose anything organic and without msg, you can choose not to drink the seasoning completely. It’s also versatile of what I just mentioned, but you can also ramen stirr fry or burgers / pizza / pancake. I need the sobahotdogs from the

Trying Japanese. Or I think this could be great too: cold with caviar, sake and egg, with a piece of edible gold. I’m sure this must have been done before.

With windows, anything you want to make (with your budget) and food is possible. When I typed in the previous sentence, I suddenly thought whether fruit windows could be made, never eaten, this googled directly, and yes:

Looks like these are fruit-vegetables:

Real pieces of fruit:

And this one seems really delicious to me, I think it’s cold refreshing windows, but if I had a cold, I’d try lukewarm and with some sugared ginger. And if I wasn’t sick, I’d like crispy fried lemon chicken strips:

And yes, there are studies on the meaning and effects of windows, but they’re not really well-founded and unambiguous yet. we’ll wait and see. Greetings.