What are the reasons that people who are cured of coronavirus reinfect themselves?

What are the reasons that people who are cured of coronavirus reinfect themselves?

What are the reasons that people who are cured of coronavirus reinfect themselves?

Indeed, the news is very worrying. According to reports

As a result, a growing number of patients discharged from China and other parts of the world are reinfecting themselves recovering from the , in some weeks leaving the hospital, a situation that make it difficult to eradicate the epidemic.

In late February, Osaka Prefecture in Japan reported that a woman working as a tour bus guide tested positive for the coronavirus for the second time. The case came after China reported that some patients discharged from the country were becoming ill again after leaving the hospital.

One such case occurred in the city of Xuzhou, where a father and daughter were readmitted after being released from hospital two weeks earlier. With news of the return of positive healings, Wuhan, the epicentre of Covid-19, is now imposing a 14-day solitary confinement on those claim to be .

However, an official from China’s National Health Commission said on February 28 that these patients had not been considered infectious.

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Experts say there are many ways that discharged patients can get the same virus. Convalescing people may not have enough antibodies to develop immunity and are becoming infected again.

The virus may also be “biophasic,” meaning that it remains dormant in the body creating new symptoms. some of the early cases of

in China have been attributed to discrepancies in laboratory tests.

On February 21, a patient who was discharged from a health center in the Chinese city of Chengdu was readmitted 10 days later after testing positive in a follow-up exam.

Song Tie, deputy director of the Guangdong disease control center in southern China, said at a news conference that up to 14 percent of patients discharged from the province tested positive again and had returned to hospitals for observation.

He added, however, that a good sign is that none of those patients appear to have infected anyone else.

he said.

Normally, convalescent patients will develop specific antibodies that make them immune to the virus that infected them, but reinfection is not impossible, said Adam Kamradt-Scott, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Sydney.

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far, China has released more than 70 percent of the 80,000 infected patients, according to WHO released a week ago. If the 14% re-infection rate is accurate and remains constant, this could pose a significant health risk.